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Needle Oils for Knitting industry

The specialised Needle oils, also called antistatic knitting oils or knitting machine oils, available from Ipsa have been formulated not only to meet the exacting requirements of todays knitting machine technology, but also to be fully compatible with the yarns and the finishing routes to which the knitted fabric is subjected. Arrow, Arrow Plus and Nedoil brand of needle oils contribute to the efficient running of the machinery and to the maximisation of needle, sinker and cam life. They are approved by many machine manufacturers. The Arrow and Nedoil range of needle oils offers:

  • Excellent lubrication under critical conditions
  • Excellent scourability- readily scoured from fabric
  • Powerful anti-wear performance
  • Good high temperature stability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Good storage stability
  • Low friction
  • Highly resistant to oxidation, guaranteeing constant protection during high speed processes
  • Compatible with electronic actuators, paints, seals and plastic components
  • Nedoil has been formulated to meet requirements of ECO labels
  • All our needle oil poducts are free from APEOs

Needle oil is typically a relatively low contributor to the cost of consumable items used in knitting. By far the most important cost element is the yarn. The economics of the knitting industry depends upon maximising the amount of this yarn that is converted into “first quality” fabric.

Ipsa's needle lubricants can increase the amount of saleable “first quality” finished fabric produced and reduce the reject or down graded fabric as follows:

  • Easy removal of needle oil lines or stains from all fibre types
  • Prevention of dyeing faults
  • Prevention of damage to elastane yarns in heat setting

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  1. Arrow
    Arrow brand of needle oils are stain -free knitting machinery oils for use in Automatic circular knitting machines. They are formulated from light coloured mineral base oils and fortified with selected additive package for guaranteeing superior scourability properties and high anti wear and antirust properties. They provide improved lubrication, improvement in quality of knitted fabrics and can be used through manual as well as mist lubrication devices.
    Viscosity grades (cSt at 40 deg. C) - 15, 22, 32
  2. Arrow Plus
    Arrow Plus is specially designed to provide excellent scourability performance in both hot and cold wash scouring conditions. It has energy savings potential by following cold wash scouring procedures by the knitting mills.
    Viscosity Grades (cSt at 40 deg. C) - 22, 32, 46
  3. Nedoil
    Nedoil brand of needle Oil is a scourable and biodegradable needle oils providing effective lubrication during the use. The oil exceeds the Indian and European requirements of minimum 70% biodegradability for ECO MARK.
    Viscosity Grades (cSt at 40 deg. C) - 18, 22, 32
  4. Flushing Oil
    Flushing oils are suitable for routine cleaning and maintenance of all large diameter, single and double cylinder and jaquard knitting machines. Compliant with Eco Labels